Thursday, June 26, 2008

The only things I can think to draw are idiosyncratic homescapes and the coming tomato apocalypse.

Dear Viewers,
I have not added any images in quite some time. Is there anybody out there? Please suggest scenes to draw. I will adhere to the strictest guidelines, while exhibiting a personal flair that burns brighter than rockets, irrepressible. I am partial to puns and geometric shapes, FYI.
-Pizzazz Partier


Anonymous said...

I'd like to commission a comic of myself swimming backstroke in the Christian Science Center reflecting pool. Instead of being filled with water, though, it should be a sea of snakes. Some horrified onlookers would be appropriate, maybe some Japanese tourists doing that goofy mouth-covered giggle.

GOOLIE said...

Draw me riding an elephant riding in a saturn sedan in vancouver. But also its raining cats and dogs (literally) and also I've just recently gotten a nose job. And also I'm feeding the elephant cheese.